Scout Camp

Camp Life 

Scouts camp in Contingent groups based on Zones. The ideal Contingent has 36 youth members, 4 - 6 adults ( at least 2 Leaders plus Parent Helpers), a Kitchen/H&S Adult and a Contingent Leader. There is a dining tent and cooking tent for each contingent . Youth share tents within the Contingent perimeter. Adults are on site in seperate tents. Portaloos are sited close to each Contingent and potable water is readily available. A local water hole doubles as a bath, although camp showers can be used in certain situations.

Scouts work in patrols on a roster to prepare meals and other duties.

Rations are provided from the evening meal on arrival day to breakfast on departure day.

Youth with special food needs may be asked to supply their own food. The camp can provide refrigeration for such food if required. An adjustment to the camp fee may be negotiated if a person provides a substantial portion of their own food. 


The camp is split into two parts. The first two days are Adventure Days with a mixture of activities that everyone will participate in and are an opportunity to try new skills and test abilities before departing on expeditions. Expeditions are for 1 or 2 nights ( depending on age) and each Scout will participate in one expedition. During registration you will be asked to select a first and second choice. Where expeditions are oversubscribed, places are allocated by date of regsistration.

Scouts are required to provide all personal equipment on the list. Tents, cooking equipment and other general camp amenities are organised by the Contingent Leader. Much of arrival day is spent getting set up an organised.

Adventure Days

Rotation 1: Dickies Delight

STEM, Survival, Shooting, Kayaking

Rotation 2: Wicked Waihi 

Geocaching; Mountain Biking; Games and Challenges


Adventure Challenge – (One and Two night expeditions).  A multi activity expedition that includes tramping, cycling, kayaking and mystery challenges.  Participants will travel under their own steam from a start point through iconic towns and beauty spots. Participants will need access to a bike suitable for trails in good condition.

Tramping – (One and Two night expeditions) Walk through the nearby Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park, exploring and site seeing as you go. Visit old miners trails, mountain streams and swimming holes and learn how to navigate. This expedition offers the opportunity to gain credits towards Adventure Skills Badges Levels 4 - 6.

Survival – (One and Two night expeditions) Walk to a nearby base, setting up a simple camp and learn how to use nearby resources if you get caught in the countryside unexpectedly.  This expedition offers the opportunity to gain credits towards Adventure Skills Badges Levels 4 - 6.

Scout Adventure skills - (One and Two night expeditions) Learn many of the skills necessary to build campsites and equipment from wood and ropes, along with some expert level cooking techniques and other skills in the level 4 – 6 Adventure skills badges.

Cycling – (Two night expedition only) Using your own bike, ride along the scenic national bike ways found between Thames, Paeroa, Te Aroha and Waihi, camping at prearranged spots. Participants will need access to a mountain bike in good condition.  

Kayaking (Two night Expedition only) Learn to use a kayak safely and then paddle along and explore one of the local waterways, staying overnight at selected campsites.  Must have swimming badge or Swim Club equivalent. 

NB One day expedition particpants will have additional adventurous actvities on site at Waitawheta Camp.