Camping Competition

A camping competition will run from the second day of Camp.  The purpose of this competition is:


  1. Assist with raising the standards of health and safety on the Camp.
  2. Prepare contingents for what to expect at Jamboree.
  3. Training and upskilling of all Leaders.


A copy of the marking sheet is on the next page.  This marking sheet may be slightly changed closer to the Camp, but the overall layout and structure will remain the same.


There will be top contingent chosen each day, based on the scores from the daily inspections.  Winners will be awarded the “Kamping Cup” (yes that is how it is spelt) which they will keep for 24 hours.


Promise Cup Competition (Scouts only)

A youth member will be awarded the Promise Cup each day from the second day onwards.  This youth member will be chosen for their adherence to the Scout Promise and Law.  There are no set rules for the award of this cup.  In the past, the Cup has been awarded for:


  1. Pushing their personal boundaries far beyond anything they had done before.
  2. Care and consideration for other camp members.
  3. Positive attitude and giving everything a go, despite size or disability.
  4. Being very helpful and showing initiative.


Nominations for the Promise Cup can come from anyone, and should be given to the Camp Director.

Summer Camp Marking Sheet

Contingent or Camp Site:


(All marks out of a maximum of 10)

Area or item to be checked


Comments and Hints

Camp Setup

Tents lined up neatly and efficiently laid out.  Tents properly pitched.

Tent pegs lined up, and covered, below ground or marked for visibility

Tent allocation and segregation meets requirements.

Kitchen Area set up properly with adequate shelter and ventilation.  Cold storage available.  All boxes and storage off the ground and able to be closed if necessary.

Camp gate and fence and notice board in place.  Safely installed and not overheight. Emergency evac notice on board.


Storm Lashings.

Fire extinguisher present and tested in last 12 months.  Fire buckets with all tents

First Aid Kit visible and recently checked.  Adequate for size of group.  Medical reqts on hand by Kit. 

Adequate hand washing facilities at the gate and by any toilets.

Gas cylinders recently tested and are safe.  Securely stored.

Camp Maintenance

Sleeping tents neat, clean and aired adequately. Sides up if possible. Floor lifted if possible.

Dining tent clean, tidy with tables wiped and no food left out.

Kitchen area clean, no dirty dishes left out, no food left out.  Tea towels clean and drying.

Rubbish bins sealed with lids, no food scraps in grey water system or on the ground.

Fresh drinking water or cordial available in a sealed service system.

Camp tidy and clean with no litter.

Any toilets used clean, with adequate toilet paper.

Cold Food Storage is cold and will remain cold.

Wet weather ground conditions managed.