Cub Camp


Camp Life

Cubs camp in Contingent groups based on Zones. The ideal Contingent has 36 youth members, 4 - 6 adults ( at least 2 Leaders plus Parent Helpers), a Kitchen/H&S Adult and a Contingent Leader. There is a dining tent and cooking tent for each contingent . Youth share tents within the Contingent perimeter. Adults are on site in separate tents. Portaloos are sited close to each Contingent and potable water is readily available. 

Swimming Activity:

Swimming is a spare time activity and is organized by the Camp Director at the locate swimming hole. Every 4 Cubs will be supervised by an adult leader from the Pack who can rescue a Cub if needed and a Camp appointed Life Guard. 

At the Waitawheta Camp, the swimming hole is under and beside a road bridge.

Cubs may not jump off the bridge.

Cubs who cannot swim will be provided with a lifejacket before entering the water.

Cubs will be supervised by a leaders when walking to and from the swimming hole as this road is quite busy.


Viking Base:

  • Treasure Hunt - Seeking clues and find the gold
  • Kayaking - Learn how to use a kayak and fit a PFD properly.
  • Surf Life Saving- how to have fun safely at the beach and learn about it's hidden dangers.
  • Beach games 
  • Sand Castle Comp


Saxons Base:

  • Weaponry crafting
  • Battle games 
  • Archery
  • Trebuchet
  • Demolition
  • Jousting
  • Flying Fox
  • Battering Ram
  • Axe Throwing


 Romans Base:

  • All roads lead to Roman.