Contingent Life

Minimum and Maximum Numbers

The maximum number recommended for each site is 36 youth and 8 Leaders, and this may have to be enforced if registration numbers exceed the maximum level.  Zones with small contingents will be encouraged to merge with other small Zones to create larger contingents.  Camp Management reserves the right to require the merger of smaller Contingents.


Contingent Layout

You will be given a maximum site size, which is usually pretty generous.  This site size and placement will depend on how many in the Contingent.  


Rules for Campsite layout and equipment


  1. Tents to be 1.5 metres from the boundary of your designated camp site and 1.5 metres apart (canvas to canvas) and 3 metres away from a tent or equipment with open flame (kitchen).
  2. Each campsite boundary is to be roped off.  A gateway is optional (but encouraged). Be prepared to move the gateway and other high traffic areas if wet weather prevails and mud is a problem.
  3. You must have fire extinguishers in the kitchen tent and by every open flame.
  4. All tents must have a fire bucket or fire extinguisher.
  5. All exposed tent pegs above the ground must be made visible in some way, either by solar lights, fluro glow in the dark paint or other day/night visibility mechanism.
  6. Each Contingent must have a well-stocked first aid kit available and in sight.
  7. Please air tents daily along with sleeping bags (weather permitting).
  8. Port-a-loos – are placed near to the campsite and are the responsibility of the Contingent to monitor. (Camp staff will maintain these on a regular basis).
  9. You must have a noticeboard with the camp evacuation rules and vulnerable children poster displayed (A4 is fine).
  10. All tents (traditional style and continental style must be storm lashed at all times.  Camp staff can be available to assist with this.


If there is a Storm in the Middle of the Night 

When there is a storm in the middle of the night we may not sound an alarm.  If there is lightning during the night, but no alarm sounds, you may stay inside your tents.  Avoid making contact with the metal poles.  If at any time you feel unsafe keeping your Contingent in their tents, you may move them to the Hall at any time.  If an alarm sounds, wake your campers and fellow Leaders and move your Contingent to the Hall. 


If You Suspect Child Abuse 

In all cases of suspected child abuse or when you think a child is at risk, your concerns must be reported immediately and confidentially to the Camp Director. If you are off site, and the risk is immediate, please follow the directions on the purple “Safe from Harm” card issued by Head Office.  Otherwise please return immediately to Camp and report to the Camp Director.


Serious Accident or Fatality 

If a serious accident or fatality is experienced whilst at Waitawheta, the Camp Health Officer will immediately respond to the emergency while the Camp Director will call 111.  Please don’t call 111 yourself.  If you are offsite, the Camp Staff member will be responsible for calling emergency services.


The Regional Manager will be contacted immediately. In the event of a fatality the Police will notify the parents. In the case of serious injury, the Camp Director will notify the parents.  No person is to talk to the media without approval from the Camp Director


Epidemic or Mass Illness 

The following measures will be taken to prevent an Epidemic or Mass Illness in camp: 

  • Hand washing stations will be maintained throughout the camp site, dining halls and bathrooms. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations shall be provided throughout the camp site 
  • All staff shall wash their hands after using the restroom 
  • Kitchen staff will wash their hands frequently, including at the start of each shift, after using the restroom, before and after donning gloves, when changing gloves, after using chemicals or cleaning products, and after handling uncooked or undercooked food. 


If an epidemic or Mass Illness is reported, then the Regional Manager will be notified immediately.  Those who are sick shall be quarantined in a sick bay organised by the Camp Director and treated appropriately. The Camp Director will notify the parents of those involved.  


Hazardous Chemical Spill 

In the event of a hazardous chemical spill, persons at the site should leave the area immediately and seek help.  The Camp Director and Health Officer should be notified of any hazardous spills. The Camp Director will notify the authorities. 


Clearing Sites 

If you are asked to “Clear a site” then you should move quickly through the site and check for any campers and Leaders.  If you see anyone, tell them that they need to report to the Assembly Area on the tennis courts immediately.  If you do not see anyone, yell “Is there anyone in this site?  If so, please report to the Assembly Area Immediately.”  Report back to the Camp Director as quickly as possible and report which sites you have cleared.