Registration and Payment

Youth Registrations and Payments


Final registrations must be received NO LATER  than 14 November 2021 


There is an “Early Bird Close Off”. There is a $50 reduced rate to all Cubs, Scouts and Leaders if registration and total camp fee payment is complete by 30th September. Deposits must have been received in the Summer Camp Account by this date.

Parents can manage their payments independently and view their account at any time. They will receive regular statements to remind them of amount remaining. 


Applications are not confirmed until FULL payment is banked into the Summer Camp. This may be transferred to another person in the event of nonattendance at camp.


  1. Each youth member attending is to complete the online Registration Form on this website
  2. Families will pay Summer Camp directly. Groups that fundraise or reeive grants should deposit the full amount and provide the administrator with a breakdown of how it is to be allocated.
  3. Groups should ask families to pay your  Contingent Cost directly to them.
  4. $50 per person is a deposit and is non-refundable.
  5. Please get in touch if cost is preventing any youth from attending - we will assist on a case by case basis.

Eligibility of attendees


Scouts must be an invested member of a Scout Troop to be eligible for Scout Camp.

However, a Scout Contingent attending camp may bring up to one Scout age youth member who is not currently a Scout to camp per patrol with the approval of the person leading the Contingent at camp and the Camp Director.


Cubs must be an invested member of a Cub Pack to be eligible to attend Cub Camp.


Fees apply for all adults attending camp - it is the decision of each Contingent to decide whether they contribute to these fees but it is usual practice.

Leaders and parent helpers should register on this site and pay Summer Camp directly.

Every Leader must have a current warrant and police vetting, parent helps are encouraged to apply for an Associate Warrant but must be police vetted regardless.