Contingent Organisation and Structure

There are up to seven Contingent places available.  Ideally, this would be 1 contingent per Zone or combination of Zones from the following list:


  • Akarana
  • Counties
  • Eastern Waikato
  • Volcanic
  • Waikato
  • Western Bay of Plenty
  • Moana Rua
  • Rangitoto
  • Manukau
  • Mahurangi
  • Waitoru


Contingent sites must be booked as a Zone or combination of Zones.  The Zone Leader or their delegated Section Leader appoints the Contingent Leader.

We reserve the right to put two small Contingents on one site if needed.  They may be fully independent or collaborate and use one kitchen if they choose.

An ideal contingent is 36 youth, 6 adults ( Leaders/parent helpers); Kitchen/H&S Leader; Contingent Leader

Assistance with Programme Delivery

Leaders are expected to be fit enough to take part in the various activities on bases and expeditions and to assist the Camp Staff.  While we understand that Leaders may have taken leave to come on camp, we do expect Leaders to be actively involved and aim for it to be fun for you too.  The Scout Camp also requires Leaders to take part in the various expeditions. Camp staff run the activities, but we rely on the Leaders to help supervise the Scouts or Cubs on the base with them. The Contingent Leader for each Zone contingent will not be asked to be offsite for the first 2 days of the Camp.

It can be difficult to find Leaders available for the whole camp - Contingent Leaders should chat with Camp Staff to discuss opportunities to "job share".

One adult per Contingent is to remain on the contingent site for security during the Scout programme.  The person that stays on site can be a Leader who is unable to take part physically in the expeditions.  The Contingent Leader and Cook can stay on site during the Cub programme.   

In the event that a base loses the Camp Staff member due to illness or other personal issue, a Contingent may be asked by the Director to make a Leader available to run the activity base.


"Leaders with medical conditions are not expected to go on the expedition, but must let the Camp Director know so planning can accommodate this and the ratio of Leaders to youth is maintained for safety. "