Policies and Guidelines

Code of Ethics

All Leaders and Camp Staff will be expected to follow the Code of Ethics for Adults in Scouting.  This includes any newly warranted adults who may not have attended any training.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the Code of Ethics.  This document can be found on the Scouts NZ website, or by contacting the Camp Director.  

Alcohol Policy

The policy of the camp is rule 10 of the SCOUTS New Zealand rules.  Summer Camp participants must not contravene that rule.  


The Policy of the Camp must be conveyed to the Leaders at their orientation meeting that is held on the first evening in camp.  That rule is:


Leaders may at the discretion of the Scout Camp Director or Cub Camp Director discreetly leave the camp to partake in alcoholic beverages. On such occasion there must be sufficient adult supervision remain to supervise and assist the youth. They return by 11:00pm and in a quite orderly fashion as not to awaken others.


Alcoholic beverages may not be supplied to any youth member, whether they are serving on the camp staff or not.


Any Leader drinking to excess and disrupting the camp or being unable to carry out their camp role effectively as a result of excessive drinking, will be asked by the Camp Director to leave the camp.



  • Hand sanitizer must be used before handling, preparing and the eating of food.  
  1. Cover food at all times and store above the ground. Use food covers (for example, net curtaining) to cover food that cannot be easily sealed in containers or covered by glad-wrap.
  2. Please keep all chilled, perishable foods cold.  Salt ice will be available at the QM store to assist with this.
  3. Encourage water instead of cordial at meals.
  4. Have plenty of hot water available when preparing food so that preparation surfaces and utensils may be thoroughly washed down between the preparation of meat and vegetables.
  5. Ensure kitchen is clean and tidy at all times.